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About Us
The Abenezer Children's Home Project was conceived by Alemeshet Tekleyohanse and her late husband, Bejiga Negwo.  As natives of Ethiopia residing in America, they choose not to forget the great needs of the orphan children in their homeland; and having four children of their own who also wanted to do something to help, they formulated a plan.
They began by securing land, ten acres for now with as much as needed available to them, from the Ethiopian government in the region of Gebre Guracha.  The government there also identified more than 40 children in the most desperate of situations, mostly children orphaned because of HIV/AIDS.  These children, who reside in great poverty and need, were 'given' to ACH Project for support and even life sustaining help.
Because of their deep Christian faith in God, the name Abenezer came easily for this project:  "God is with us". 
Alemeshete and Bejiga intended to fund this out of their own pocket, using Bejiga's income and monies from caring family and friends to build the Home for the Children.
Sadly, Bejiga became ill with cancer and passed away in August of 2005, leaving Alemeshet determined to fulfil their dream of helping as many children as possible.  Alem had to cut the support in half to only 20 children, chosing the youngest of the group.
Alemeshete forged ahead, building a fence around the property, and planting trees.  She then built an office for the orphanage, and it remains a shell without doors or windows.  The main building has not been started, and the plan of funding it alone is no longer feasible.
Alem no longer has the family businesses, and is working by the hour. She has worked extra jobs to send monies for the children all on her own, to provide shoes, clothes, and school supplies so they can attend school.
Alem provides for the children with no consideration of tribe or religion.  In December of 2007, she married Germa, who now joins her in her vision of hope for the children of his home village.
From our hands, to theirs.
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